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Our mascot knitted by one of our members.

In Septrmber 2023 we celebrated our fourteenth anniversary. The group meets every Thursday, come rain or shine. We don't break in the summer or for holidays.

We knit or crochet items for local, national and international charities.

Some of the good causes we knit for are:

RD&E Premature Baby Unit

Exmouth Council of Voluntary Services

Boobs for local midwives

Neo-natal units in Exeter, Torbay, Plymouth

Homeless people

Local refuge

Villages in Gambia

Fisherman's hats


If we receive requests from other charities we will always have some volunteer knitters who will accommodate most requests.

Some members knit/crochet for charities with wool donated by local people, others bring their own wool and knit/crochet with their own wool for themselves.

Christmas Cracker 012R.jpg

The group at a local event held in the Strand in Exmouth.

Christmas Boxes Knit and Chat 2.jpg

A piece in the Exmouth Journal about the work of the group.

Knit and Chat resized 1.jpg

It's not all knitting. There's always time to put down the needles and have a party.


Some of the members wanted to do something to help the animals caught in the Australian bush fires and so they used donated wool to knit pouches for baby possums and kangaroos.  The wool had to be pure wool, not synthetic and inside the wool pouches, were flannelette inserts, which were sown together by the members; they were removable to enable them to be washed.

Picture - Exmouth Journal.

2020 has been a difficult year for many people. The group has been unable to meet since March, but many have carried on knitting. Sandra has been delivering wool to member's homes, they have been knitting items for charity which Sandra then collected and passed on to various charities. Altogether the group has knitted over 3oo items this year!

In addition, members bought, found and knitted items for the Christmas shoe boxes which have been packed and taken to the local Christian Response to Eastern Europe collection point and will arrive at some of the poorest villages to cheer people up this Christmas. See the websites "Christmas," page.

Knitting to Sp Lne April 21.jpg

Exmouth Journal article.

In 2021 the group continued knitting from home and Sandra was able to fill lots of Christmas boxes which she took to Spider Lane. The boxes were taken to Moldova along with hundreds of others by the charity Cristian Response to Eastern Europe.

knit and chat 2021 2.jpg
2022 SHOE BOXES.jpg_edited.png


 (2022) at Wings Bar, eight members put together shoe boxes many of which will go to the border of Ukraine and Moldova.


David and Jewel picked up fifty knitted toys to ship to a village in Gambia in January 2024 and give to children that have never owned a toy.

Their charity is, Kastellan African Trust.

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