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SHOE BOXES 2018 3_Fotor_edited.jpg
Christmas Boxes 2015.jpg

Boxes are ready to be sealed.


One of our members helping to take some boxes to Christian Response to Eastern Europe to be shipped to Moldova.

Christmas boxes warehouse delivery 2.JPG

As Christmas approaches, members gather together and pack shoe boxes for people in Moldova. We have been gathering and knitting items during the year and have lots of enjoyment filling the boxes for boys, girls and families. When all the boxes are filled and sealed, Sandra takes them to Christian Response to Eastern Europe where along with many hundreds of boxes from other groups and individuals, they are shipped to Moldova in time to be distributed by Christmas.


This year, members of the group have been knitting Christmas tree decorations to hang on a Christmas tree. Hanna Burford-Campbell (1st on the left) from Travel World in the Strand in Exmouth, kindly offered the group the office tree to decorate and Mary, Monica and Barbara had a great time putting their lovely decorations on the tree. Travel World are holding a mulled wine and mince pie day soon and will be selling the decorations with all proceeds going to the Exmouth Knit and Chat group.

Christmas 2018 1_Fotor.jpg
Christmas 2018 2_Fotor.jpg

Knit and Chat had their annual Christmas meal at the Imperial Hotel Exmouth 2 weeks before Christmas. They now look forward to the last meeting before Christmas when they will be having their Secret Santa and a mammoth raffle with more than one prize for everyone.


Christmas Boxes 2019Fotor 2.jpg

From left to right

Shirley M, Jane, Sandra, Shirly J, Mary,

Family Christmas Box_Fotor 2.jpg

A family Christmas box.



shoes 2.jpg

This year the group hasn't met since March but, that hasn't stopped members knitting. Sandra collected all the knitting and bought shoe box items and packed them into boxes to be sent to Moldova.


2022 SHOE BOXES 2.jpg

This year, Covid is still with us but in the main, we operate as before Covid appeared.

Once again, the group have been collecting, buying and knitting for the Christmas Boxes and once again, some group members (below) have been packing them. It is now the middle of October and the boxes have gone to Spider Lane to be taken on the lorrys to Moldova and the borders of Ukraine. We wish those less fortunate than ourselves, A Merry Christmas and hope our gifts will help to brighten their day.

Knit and Chat 2021.jpg

Exmouth Journal October 13th

Santa has been knitted by one of our clever members for our Christmas raffle. Lots of other goodies as well, such as a few bottles of wine!

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