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Exmouth Knit and Chat is a charity. We belong to Volunteering Matters which is a national charity and therefore we do not support any political party or support any political aims. However, we do try to help any individuals or organisations who ask for or need our help.

The war in Ukraine is causing millions of people to be displaced in the midst of winter and these men, women and children have very little other than a few clothes to protect them from the cold. Christian Response To Eastern Europe is requesting warm clothing, blankets, duvets, hats, gloves, scarves, nappies, medicines and much more which they will take overland to the border with Moldova and Ukraine and the knitters have responded to this humanitarian appeal by sending as many items as they can.

The photos show some of the items which have been delivered by local people and by Sandra on behalf of the Exmouth Knit and Chat group. The group will continue knitting and collecting items to help the refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine.


Donations have been sorted and are waiting to be stored before being loaded on the lorry to Moldova.


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Sandra (L) has delivered knitting to be sorted.

Update December 23

Knit and Chat knitters put together 20 shoe boxes to go on the truck to Moldova and Ukraine. In addition, numerous bags of hats, coats, scarves, gloves and more have gone on the December truck to those in need in Eastern Europe.

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